Bolting & Developing

Climbing can be a risky activity. We have extensive experience in renovating old crags, rebolting old routes, developing new climbing areas and discussing access issues with landowners and authorities.

We have carried out several projects where entire crags in Sweden have been renovated, in cooperation with climbing clubs and funded by the Swedish Sports Confederation.

We can offer you a course if you want to learn how to bolt routes. We kan also provide lectures on access issues and the legal framework for outdoor climbing in Sweden, as well as how to apply for funding.

We also sell bolts and bolt hangers in stainless steel to private individuals, clubs and companies. Only within Sweden though.

There are many different brands and materials and it is easy to buy the wrong kind. The products we sell are dedicated for outdoor use on crags in the rainy, Scandinavian climate. We have used these products a lot and can recommend them.

We have put together two useful kits suitable for a 10-14 m route with an anchor at the top. Please contact us if you wish to order.

You are more than welcome to order larger quantities, send us an e-mail and ask for a quote.

Bolt + Hanger (4 pieces)

Price: 420 SEK
Shipping: 40 SEK (domestic deliveries)

This kit contains 4 bolts from MKT in Germany and 4 hangers from Petzl in France. Mounting requires an M10 drill bit.


Bolt + Ring Hanger (2 pieces)

Price: 380 SEK
Shipping: 40 SEK (domestic deliveries)

An ultimate solution for a smooth and safe anchor. Should always be installed in pairs in order to get two redundant points. The kit contains a complete anchor: 2 bolts from MKT and 2 ring hangers from Fixe in Spain. Mounting requires an M10 drill bit.


Drill Bit (1 piece)

Price: 100 SEK
Shipping: 20 SEK (domestic deliveries)

1 drill bit from Diager. Diameter M10, length 160 mm.